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Feel at Home at White Pine Counselling in Sudbury

White Pine Counselling welcomes you and encourages you to feel at home with our counselling services in Sudbury. If this is your first time looking into therapy or counselling – as an individual, family or couple – we know how strange it can feel.

Some people worry whether or not their particular difficulty is important enough for them to get professional help. Many people look for therapy when they feel that they have become stuck in a situation or mindset they feel powerless to change concerning:

  • Difficulties in forming relationships
  • Breakdowns in marriage or relationship conflicts
  • Family or parenting problems
  • Physical abuse or violent behaviour
  • Childhood abuse
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Physical disabilities or health problems
  • Grief

You Set Your Goals

You are the only one who knows if therapy is right for you. That is why we at White Pine Counselling direct your therapy by having you choose your objectives and goals. After all, you are most familiar with your situation.

Once those goals are established, we will make sure to provide high-quality interventions and encouragement during sessions to help you do all that you can to achieve your goals as quickly as possible. Our services include:

  • Relationship and marriage therapy
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Stress management
  • Addictions aftercare

Fees Based on Trust & Reputation

We make no bones about it: Our fees are higher than at other clinics. Yet, our clients are willing to pay for our services because they trust our reputation. We are the go-to counselling and therapy centre in the Greater Sudbury region.

You wouldn’t buy a vehicle based on price alone; first you look for quality. It is even more important to do the same when you are looking for professional help to deal with the important issues in your life.

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