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Fees for our Sudbury Counselling Services

Due to the high demand for counselling services, we have introduced a sliding fee scale based on affordability and the individual client’s ability to pay (in order to avoid any financial hardship). The standard fee schedule at White Pine Counselling is $195 per hour (+HST). Our sessions are usually one hour to 1.25 hours in length and fees are assessed to the nearest 15-minute period.


We appreciate your payment at the end of each session, though arrangements can be made in some exceptions. Clients can pay by e-transfers, cash, cheque*, Visa or MasterCard.


Insurance & Employee Assistance Plans

If your place of work entitles you to extended medical benefits or has an Employee Assistance Plan (EAP or EFAP), find out if counselling services or therapy is covered and who is to provide these services. In order to keep our service fees reduced, it is preferred that clients pay up front and then have their insurance companies reimburse them. This saves the time our therapists would spend processing claims.


Please remember that even if you are covered by an EAP or an extended health insurance plan, it is your legal responsibility to make sure that your therapist’s fees are paid. Fees for First Nation clients who have status numbers are covered through Health Canada. However, Ontario Health Insurance (OHIP) does not cover counselling fees


*Clients will be charged all incidental bank fees for the processing of NSF cheques.

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